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Travel helps you develop skills you were unaware you had. It highlights your strengths. It builds your inter- and intrapersonal skills. It gives you perspective, challenges you, and helps you move forward.

So why aren’t we all traveling more?! We found the reason is because we are fearful. Or alone. Or don’t feel like we deserve it.

But you’re here—you’ve taken the first step on an incredible journey back to YOU. And we want to help you take more than just a trip.


Is New Zealand on your bucket list - but traveling solo isn't the greatest option? I get it - time and money are both major factors in traveling to New Zealand. And yet... it's a perfect place to explore, given its friendly people and reputation for being among the safest countries in the world. There is a solution: join me on the trip of a lifetime in January 2019! I'm partnering with Kelly McDermott of A Path Less Taken to take a group of extraordinary women on a 14 day adventure through the North and South Islands, and this trip is specifically designed to ensure you see the highlights, but also give you every opportunity to make this trip your own.

Intrigued? Click HERE to sign up, visit my co-leader's site HERE for all the details, and access to the Facebook event page to ensure you stay in the loop. Any questions or need more information? Send me an e-mail at or send a message or comment through Facebook


We believe travel is one of the best tools out there to prompt deeper self-discovery, empowerment, and healing. Every experience and opportunity at Transform via Travel has been specifically designed to help you uncover your purpose and intentions through insightful resources and an encouraging community of like-minded women.

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We don’t have to feel alone anymore. We don’t have to be limited by our stories. We can create a new self-identify and live our dreams. We can choose to have clear boundaries and a locus of control.
— Jennifer Buchholz, Transform via Travel founder



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