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My mission is to empower women through one of the most powerful tools for self-discovery—travel—and help them transform their lives. With a little encouragement and support, women are able to uncover, recover, and discover the person they always hoped to be.
— Founder and best-selling author, Jennifer Buchholz

Face Your Fears & Live Your Dreams

Travel helps you develop skills you were unaware you had. It highlights your strengths. It builds your inter- and intrapersonal skills. It gives you perspective, challenges you, and helps you move forward.

So why aren’t we all traveling more?!

At Transform via Travel, we found the reason is because we are fearful. Or alone. Or don’t feel like we deserve it.

Which is why we are committed to helping women break through their self-defeating paradigms and see travel as a tool to better themselves and their lives.

About the Challenge

Our Go Solo Live Challenges provides mid-life women with a supportive pathway for personal transformation and growth. Occurring in different cities throughout the country, these unique events are designed for mid-life women who are searching for answers and who feel like they want to get away—but something is holding them back.

Through highly engaging and encouraging sessions and activities, the heart of our Go Solo Live Challenges are mini-challenges in the destination designed to help participants push past their fears, guilt, anxiety, or selflessness and find purpose in their work and life.

If you have more questions, listen to Transform via Travel's founder and best-selling author, Jennifer Buchholz, explain what to expect during our first Go Solo Live Challenge.